"You frickin fricks" -Antitronic
Antitronic is Chad in an alternate reality.

Appearance Edit

Antitronic has reddish-black hair and black and red eyes. He wears a black shirt that has a logo with the name "Antitronic" with thunder bolts around it. He also has cuts and scars on his face and his neck, and possibly has more on the rest of his body.

Profile Edit

Antitronic is the evil side of Chadtronic in an alternate universe. He is in a alternate universe of Chadtronic where he is evil.

He sometimes is seen jumpscaring people and likes to terify people with his scary looks.

He also carries around a NES pillow and beats it on his chair.

He makes videos on trying to find Chadtronic and scare him.

He has met Sammy.

He lives in a alternate Chadtronic space with nothing but Nanalan and Peppermint Park videos to make, and is trying to find Chadtronic to scare him.

Relationships Edit

He likes to scare Chadtronic. A lot.

Art by Edit

Chadtheedgeyhedgey on Chadtronic amino.

Backstory Edit

One day Antitronic was making a video and thought, "I get a red light for every YouTube comment on my videos," and so now he makes Nanalan and Pepermint Park videos, and tries to find Chadtronic and scare him.

Quotes Edit

"You frickin’ fricks" -His catchphrase

"When will you learn, when will you learn, that your actions have consequences!" -Antitronic

"What the frick are you guys doing!?" -Antitronic

"Why do we need a Sonic Adventure 3!?!" -Antitronic

"Nintendo is trash! Sega is good!" -Antitronic

"Ladies and fricks, i’m Antitronic" -Antitronic

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