"chad's frickin' amiibo hunt" is a Chadtronic-themed first-person shooter developed by reddit user epicboy511. The entire game is based off of the game Doom II. The reddit page was released on July 26, 2016.

Story Edit

Chadtronic is sitting at his desk, reading his emails, and looking at his amiibo shelf, which contains every amiibo except for Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, and Marth. He walks away from his computer only to realize several creatures from Chad's videos have appeared in his house. He uses his NES Zapper to defeat most of the enemies, then makes his way to his basement. He finds out even more monsters have infested his basement, and he swiftly defeats all of them as well. The monsters push Chad out of his house (a feat never accoplished by Chad), and they had come out to his backyard too! Like always, he fights them all with the new weapons he obtained from the creatures defeated earlier. They trail him all the way to Gamstahp (a parody on the video game store "GameStop") and collects the three amiibos he wanted so dearly.

Enemies Edit

Super Minecraft Kid Edit


-Based off the Former Human from Doom II

-Blue eyes warn that it is about to shoot, yellow eyes tell that it is shooting, red eyes show it has been hit

-Weakest enemy

-Most common enemy

-From Chad's "Super Minecraft Kid" video (

Creepypasta Pikachu Edit


-Based off the Imp from Doom II

-Shoots Missingno Missiles to attack

-Green eyes hint that it will shoot soon, yellow eyes tell it's preparing to fire

-Glitches up when hurt or when dead

-From Chad's "Hey You, Pikachu! GLITCHING!" video (

Cherdtranik Edit


-Based off the Former Seargent from Doom II

-Preparing to shoot when angry

-Rainbows in the eyes signifies it's attacking

-Upon death, it disintegrates

-Drops a Super Scope when defeated

-Loosely based on Chad's "Ugly Mii Making Using Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Camera" video (

Jumpscare Grimace Edit


-Based off the Demon from Doom II

-Is the only monster that uses melee attacks

-Bites the player to attack

-Dons a frown when hurt

-Eyes fall out upon death

-From Chad's "Pakistan McDonald's Commercials" video (

Weapons Edit

NES Zapper Edit

-Based on the Pistol from Doom II

-The first gun in the game

History Edit

According to the reddit page, the game started development many months ago, when Chad wasn't uploading videos because he was moving. By the time he finished the game, Chad had started uploading again, and that's when he posted the game on the Chadtronic subreddit. Chad has yet to play the game, but the creator wishes for him to play it.