"I think I've had my fair share of magic doors." -Chad, when remembering the door in Weird 911 Safety Video.

Chadtronic's Door is a door that is located in Chad's room that somehow leads to alternate dimensions. It is not known how the door has this ability.

History Edit

This mysterious door first appeared in the opening of one of Chad's reaction videos called Weird Sonic Commercials. It also appeared in the Chad's channel trailer.

Things that have appeared out of Chadtronic's Door Edit

  • The Creeper from Minecraft.
  • A Japanese Sonic Commerical for Sonic Pinball Party.
  • Future Combat Warrior Sammy
  • Bread-loaf Sammy
  • Sanic
  • A cutscene from Link: The Faces of Evil

Trivia Edit

  • Chad's door is commonly labeled as "End of Internet: DO NOT OPEN!" However, what appears to be the same door does not have a "End of Internet: DO NOT OPEN!" sign, this is probably because the door was used for a different purpose in that video.

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