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This wiki is the portal of knowledge for all things about the YouTuber Chadtronic. Anyone can contribute to this wiki and we would really appreciate if you could help us out! Thanks!

Who is Chadtronic?

Chadtronic is a YouTuber who creates reaction-style videos and showcase videos of fanmade Amiibos. His channel has over 100,000 subscribers. He also runs a gaming channel, called ChadtronicGames, where him and his friend Evan Pischel, play games together on a show called Adventure Bros He is also joined by his wife Missy (or Misstronic) and they play games such as Animal Crossing  together.

How Can I Help the Wiki?

You can help the Chadtronic wiki by adding pages such as characters, locations, items/objects, or edit existing pages and add information to them! Remember, every bit of information can help! You can see here why you should join.

Article Spotlight

Silhouette Key (Wanted Pages) The only thing making this key a silhouette is no page about it.


Amanguyhibye has returned to the wiki! Expect more improvements!

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