"Oh, he really dust my doilies!" -Danita Stocks


Danita Stocks is the president of HAG, or Humans Against Genesis. She showed off Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis in a commercial. She apparently does not like Sonic and likes Mario.

All of Danita's Lines Edit

"It's bad enough Sega Genesis has the most 16-bit games but this new Sonic the Hedgehog, oh, he really dust my doilies! They say he's incredibly fast! Well, what's the hurry, Mr.? Hmph? And about his attitude, smartypants! Why can't it be more like that nice boy Mario? Ooh! Oh! Little Brat!" The whole commercial containing other lines not by Danita can be seen here.

History Edit

Danita first appeared in Chad's Weird Sonic Commercials reaction video. She has not made any other appearances currently.

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