"I'M TIRED OF ALL YOU FRICKS!" -Future Combat Warrior Sammy, when confronting Chad.


"Future Combat Warrior Sammy" is a form of SammyClassicSonicFan. It's not known if this is his true form, or if he has another form. Some say this isn't even his final form.


This incarnation of Sammy has a minigun, grenades strapped to his shoulder, and rockets on his back. He also has a Bob-omb t-shirt and a Sonic belt. He seems very muscular. He has a camoflauged coloured headband. He is definently taller than Chadtronic, which is a bit unexpected. He looks similar to G.I Joe. He also closely resembles Super Mecha Death Christ from the game review series Angry Video Game Nerd.


Future Combat Warrior Sammy first appears in the Chadtronic reaction video "Give the Nintendo 2DS a Chance!", in which Chadtronic reacts to the SammyClassicSonicFan video of the same name. In the video, Warrior Sammy enters Chad's room through his door and attacks him, shooting at him with his minigun and shouting angrily. After dawning his Nintendo Cape, his Diamond Sword and his signature NES Pillow, Chad engages in a brief battle with Sammy before defeating him by grabbing and launching a Spiny Shell at him, causing Sammy's (presumed) death by explosion.

Warrior Sammy has not since appeared in any subsequent Chadtronic videos, suggesting that he has been killed.

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