Glitchy Pikachu (or just "Pikachu") is a glitched Pokémon from when Chadtronic did an episode on cartridge tilting "Hey You, Pikachu". The episode started out with him just messing around with the game, but at the end, something strange happened. Pikachu's eyes became covered by a black rectangle, and his mouth became a red square. Glitched sound effects started playing as glitched Pikachu slowly started walking toward Chad. He then ended the episode, with the glitched Pikachu becoming somewhat of a Chadtronic staple. He since then has appeared in many Chadtronic fan games, custom amiibo, and will always live on in Chad's nightmares.

Glitchy Pikachu has a fan parody account on Twitter (@GlitchyPikachu) which started inspiring many other people to make Chadtronic parody accounts. The Twitter account is currently suspended.

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  • Glitchy Pikachu has only made one major appearance on Chad's Channel, All other appearances have been minor.
  • There is a theory going around that Glitchy Pikachu is actually Thunderp or vice versa.