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Nanalan‍'​ is a Canadian television show broadcasted by CBC Television in Canada and by PBS in the US, the show was targeted at young preschoolers. The show stars a 3-year-old girl named Mona. Everyday her mom drops her off at Nana's (her grandma) jouse and picks her up after the end of the episode. Mona, Nana, and Nana's pet dog Russell (aka Russer), spend the day exploring, learning, visiting Nana's next door neighbor Mr. Wooka and playing. Mona also loves to be outside looking at things, talking to animals, and playing with Russell.

Characters Edit

Mona is a 3 year old girl that first appeared in the Nanalan Reaction Video.

She's a small girl with a green face and yellow pony tails. She has a dog named Russell, but is mispronounced as Russer.
Mona is character from Nanalan and first appeared in the Nanalan Reaction Video.


As Chad states in the video Nana looks like a carrot with glasses. In the Nanalan video he refers to her as Stalker Carrot.