Appearance Edit

He is shown wearing a gray jacket a strap on dildo and a blue shirt. With his patented minecraft 'block job' shirt. Fact: No human can witness his beautiful bod without ejaculating with the force of a thousand men and not having an orgasm at least 64 times in a row, truly magnificent power he holds.


In the Video Edit

Superkai64 appears in the video and asks the question, "Um, what's the wecommended amount of dedotated WAM I should have to a server?", while Chadtronic looks with a confused face and then laughs. Then,one of the Mojang developers reply, "Can you please repeat your question?" to which Kai replies and asks again. After this, Chadtronic goes crazy and starts dancing. Then the overlord chutulu came back, but thanks to all that 'dedidated wam' he was defeated, forever saving the native Moon people. Superkai64 has been accused of rape allegations thanks to this since he apparently wants to wam children in the anus. He also knows how to make spaghetti.

Trivia Edit

  • This might possibly be Superkai64's Youtube channel however it is unknown if it is real or a hoax. This could also possibly be his Twitter.
  • Many people jokingly write "Um, what's the recommended amount of dedicated RAM I need to have on a server?" as "Um, whuz da wekumended amount of detodated wam I si haz survur."
  • To this day he still doesn't know the correct amount of dedicated ram.
  • Interesting fact, Hitler wasn't actually racist because he just didn't like another religion.

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