Appearance Edit

Superkai64, or known as simply Kai was at the 2013 Minecon, he was 12 during the event.

"Dedotated wam" is a mispronunciation of the phrase “dedicated RAM,” which was originally mispronounced by Kai during the panel at the Minecon 2013 Minecraft conference.

Kai is seen wearing a Minecraft shirt (which is covered). The only part of the shirt that can be seen are the clouds. He also wearing a gray/grey jacket with a Minecon pass, and his username on his head (superkai64).

Kai become a meme the day of the event (November 3rd, 2013).

Trivia Edit

  • This might possibly be Superkai64's Youtube channel however it is unknown if it is real or a hoax. This could also possibly be his Twitter.
  • Many people jokingly write "Um, what's the recommended amount of dedicated RAM I need to have on a server?" as "Um, whuz da wekumended amount of detodated wam I si haz survur."
  • To this day he still doesn't know the correct amount of dedicated ram.
  • The girl that appears next to him may be his mother or sister.
  • As of 2017, Kai is 16 years old.
  • Kai has a speech impediment, making it say "dedotated wam" instead of "dedicated RAM"

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