Sammy's Backpack

"Perhaps it's the backpack that makes Sammy this way!"

The Mario Backpack is a backpack that is designed to look like the character Super Mario from the video game series of the same. The backpack is often worn by SammyClassicSonicFan in his YouTube videos.

Appearance Edit

The backpack has the shape and appearance of Mama Luigi as well as dawning two red straps to be used for carrying on one's back.


Although unconfirmed, Chadtronic has speculated that the cause of Sammy's rampage may be him being lactose intolerant. 

I don't know what this part is Edit

Additionally, the Mario Backpack has a variant called the Limited Edition Extra Rare Fire Mario Backpack (also a newer parody account). The backpack is incredibly valuable, and is said to behold supernatural powers. As we see in the Sammy video "SammyClassicSonicFan's Adventure," the backpack is capable of allowing the beholder to shoot large fireballs. It is unknown whether or not the backpack contains any other powers.

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