Zelda Scott
Zelda Scott is a Character that appears in a Gamecrazy Training Video, She talks mostly via terms like "Dawg" and such with gangster terms. Her name might be a homage to the Legend of Zelda series.

In the Video Edit

Zelda first appears in the "Keys to the Game" section in the video. She then says she is in the "Hizouse", the "Heezy", and the "GC Possy". She then shows game consoles, another unnamed employee, and then walks back and says a phrase, "Selling some 20-inch chrome rims later, know what I'm saying?"

Next, she proceeds to say, "And speaking of games, GameCrazy's got all the flying new game titles, but we've also got the mad hookup when it comes to used games", while showing some games in the store. Then, she says, "And they can't hate on our used games. Because they play like new, come with a 90-day guarantee, and they cost less. Booyah!" "Now, for the real hardcore players (she pronounces it "play-ahs") the ones that are crazy tight with the GCC, we've got the MVP card. The MVP card means upfront revenue for GameCrazy and higher trade values, special discounts, and exclusive tournaments for the players!" (Pronounced "play-ahs") The video then goes to a different section not featuring Zelda.

Later, another employee says, "Zelda, what's your secret?" Zelda replies, "Hey girlfriend, what's the dealeo?" The other employee then talks, and Zelda is not seen in the video again.

Chadtronic's Reactions Edit

Chad's first reaction is after Zelda first appears and says the phrase and says, "[Laugh] What years was this made in? Hold up, hold up!" He then searches it up on the internet. "[Laugh] This was made in 2003!" Later, when Zelda says " rims later, know what I'm saying?" Chad reacts and says, "Oh my gosh, this is, I'm actually getting upset with this, I uh, this has gone beyond corny and funny to actually make me a little bit angry how much they are trying... they are trying, they are trying too hard with this video and connecting with a certain demographic. It's almost insulting!" Next, she talks about new and used games, and after she says, "Booyah!" Chad reacts and slowly and lazily says, "Booyah..."

Later, when Zelda says, "...for the players (pronounced "play-ahs") Chad replies and says, "Why GameStop make their slogan that? Power to the players." (pronounced "play-ahs") He then turns around and looks back confusingly. Chad does not react to her later.